MTS 525-0
 Special Topics Research Seminar

Section 20: Generalizing about Message Effects
 Spring 2020


General course information

Syllabus:  TOPIC 1: Primary research design in message effects research

Syllabus:  TOPIC 2: Describing primary research results: NHST and its discontents

Syllabus:  TOPIC 3 part 1: The “replication crisis” and affiliated ideas (part 1)

Syllabus:  TOPIC 3 part 2: The “replication crisis” and affiliated ideas (part 2)

Syllabus:  TOPIC 4: Research synthesis via meta-analysis

Syllabus:  TOPIC 5: Interpreting effect size magnitude and variability


Syllabus:  TOPIC 6: Message design guidance: Variations on, and alternatives to,

                                    RCT-based generalization


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